Technical Design Documentation for the ILD detector

This is a collection of documents about the ILD detector.

Top Level Documents

Experimental Hall CFS Criteria

  • CFS Design Criteria, final TDR draft 9.3.2012: D*0979405
  • ARUP: "Review of Interaction Region Cavern Layout Design," March 2012: D*0983825
  • Functional Requirements on the Design of the Detectors and the Interaction Region, ILC-NOTE-2009-050: D*0951395

CAD Models

  • ILD Detailed model: D*0989043
  • ILD Placeholder model: D*0872433
  • ILD GEANT model: D*0952125
  • CAD model of the QD0 and QDEX1A magnet assembly: D*1019413
  • CAD model of Experimental hall CASE 8-wSND for the Japanese mountain site: D*1125663