Conventional Facilities and Siting (CFS)


Americas Region,General Documents
  • Americas Tunnel Drawing Set for KILC12 (23.4.2012):  D*0898245
  • Acronyms, abbreviations, and symbols: D*0979875
  • Key plan, 19.3.2012: D*0979965
  • Naming conventions for tunnels and shafts, 17.4.2012: D*0979995
  • Flow diagram electrons / positrons, 17.4.2012: D*0990385
  • Underground caverns, 17.4.2012: D*0990415
ILC Americas Region TDR, Vol. 1
  • Chapter 1: Tunnel Cross Section Configuration Study (no costs), Rev 1, 13.2.2012: D*0990585
  • Chapter 2: Electrical  design and cost report (no costs), Rev. 1, 3.2.20112: D*0979935
  • Chapter 3: Mechanical design and cost report (no costs), Rev. 1, 3.2.20112: D*0979905
Design Criteria
  • Laser Equipment Enclosures (draft Feb 14, 2012): D*0974815
  • Dumps (draft Apr 19, 2012): D*0974845
  • Electrical (operating peak) power in MW, 13.8.2012: D*0971185
  • Thermal load in MW, 4.12.2012: D*0971155
BAW Material
  • List of Questions / Basis of Design (Oct 6, 2010): D*0970485
Site Studies
(access may be restricted)
  • Hydrogeologic Study for the Siting and Design of the ILC near Fermilab: D*0975005
  • AAA: "Investigating the Single Tunnel Proposal in a Japanese Mountainous Site": D*0994455
  • Y. Budagov et al.: "Dubna site investigation":  D*0928865
  • A.V.Kurnaev et al.: "Results of the preliminary geological engineering
    surveys along the supposed route of the ILC":   D*0994635
  • W. Bialowons, J. A. Osborne and G. Shirkov: "Siting Study for European ILC Sites": ILC-HiGrade-Report-2010-004-1,   D*0994485
  • W. Bialowons and J. A. Osborne: "Site Selection Criteria for European ILC Sites": ILC-HiGrade-Report-2010-003-1,   D*0994535
  • C.S. Waaijer: "Guidelines and criteria for an environmental impact assessment for the Linear Collider project at CERN": D*0996465
  • J-Power: "Study on a construction project of underground structures for the ILC" ("å°ï¿½æ�¥è¨ï¿½ç�»å� é��å�¨æ�½è¨­ã�«ã��ã��ã��å�°ä¸ï¿½æ§ï¿½é� ç�©ã�®å»ºè¨­è¨ï¿½ç�»ã�«é�¢ã��ã��æ��è¡ï¿½æ¤ï¿½è¨ï¿½æ¥­å��"): D*0996045
  • J-Power: "Study on configuration plans of underground structures for the future accelerator" ("å°ï¿½æ�¥è¨ï¿½ç�»å� é��å�¨æ�½è¨­ã�®å�°ä¸ï¿½æ§ï¿½é� ç�©é��置è¨ï¿½ç�»ã�«é�¢ã��ã��æ��è¡ï¿½æ¤ï¿½è¨ï¿½æ¥­å��"): D*0996085
  • J-Power: "Study on structures of a detector hall for the future accelerator" ("å°ï¿½æ�¥å� é��å�¨æ�½è¨­ã�®å®ï¿½é¨ï¿½ã��ã�¼ã�«ç©ºæ´ï¿½ã�®æ§ï¿½é� è¨ï¿½ç�»ã�«é�¢ã��ã��æ��è¡ï¿½æ¤ï¿½è¨ï¿½"): D*0996115
  • Nikken-Sekkei: "Study on service equipment for the future accelerator" ("å°ï¿½æ�¥å� é��å�¨æ�½è¨­ã�®è¨­å��è¨ï¿½ç�»ã�«é�¢ã��ã��æ��è¡ï¿½æ¤ï¿½è¨ï¿½"): D*0996145

Asian Site Documents


Cost Information
(Access restricted to authorised persons only)
  • Parsons: "ILC RDR Underground Unit Cost Analysis Geotechnical Design Basis":  D*0974965
  • ILC Tunnel Configuration Study:   D*0974935
  • Hughes: "ILC Methodologies for Estimating Underground Construction Costs":   D*0975915
  • Lemley: "Shaft and mass excavation proces developed for FNAL":   D*0975885
  • "Surface Grouting Cost Model": D*0975965
Life Safety Studies
  • Asian region: "Fire safety for ILC single tunnel": D*0899575
  • Americas region: "Life safety / fire protection analysis for the ILC": D*0899675
  • Americas region: "Fire egress analysis for the ILC", 9.12.201: D*0980055
  • CLIC: "Compact Linear Collider: Guidelines on the reduction of fire hazards": D*0899715
  • LHC: "LHC fire safety description": D*0899755
  • XFEL: "Security and Workplace Safety Concepts for the Construction, Installation and Operation of the XFEL Research Facility": D*0899615
Miscellaneous Reports
  • Holabird&Root: "Fermilab ILC Programming Study" (KCS surface building design):  D*0975805
  • Black&Veach: ILC Constructability Review Report (13.3.2012):   D*0990555
Component Overviews

CAD Models of Tunnel Sections

Electron Source CFS Criteria

  • CFS Design Criteria, final TDR draft 2.3.2012:  D*0970195

Positron Source CFS Criteria

Damping Ring CFS Criteria

  • CFS Design Criteria, final draft for TDR 13.6.2012: D*0960625

Experimental Hall CFS Criteria

  • CFS Design Criteria, final TDR draft 9.3.2012: D*0979405
  • ARUP: "Review of Interaction Region Cavern Layout Design," March 2012: D*0983825
  • Functional Requirements on the Design of the Detectors and the Interaction Region, ILC-NOTE-2009-050: D*0951395

RTML CFS Criteria

  • CFS Design Criteria, final TDR draft 22.5.2012:  D*0970275

Main Linac CFS Criteria

  •  Cryo Design Criteria for CFS, 13.8.2012, :   D*0970445

Klystron Cluster Scheme (KCS)

  • KCS CFS Design Criteria (final TDR draft Dec 4, 2012):  D*0970355
  • Process water plants (KCS, draft Aug 13, 2012):  D*0971245
  • KCS Power Load Distribution by Shaft (draft Aug 13, 2012):   D*0974885
Distributed RF Scheme (DRFS)
  • DRFS CFS Design Criteria (draft Aug 16, 2011):  D*0970415
  • Process water plants (DRFS, draft Aug 18, 2011):  D*0971215
  • DRFS Power KW Load Distribution by Shaft (draft Aug 18, 2011):  D*0971605

BDS CFS Criteria

  • CFS Design Criteria, final TDR draft 2.3.2012:  D*0970315