Main Linac (ML)


Mandatory Documents
Summary of the SCRF BTR at KEK
  • Summary of decisions from Main Linac and SCRF Baseline Technical Review: D*0977465
Further Documents in EDMS
High Level RF

Klystron Cluster Scheme (KCS)
Distributed RF Scheme (DRFS)

Main Linac CFS Criteria

  •  Cryo Design Criteria for CFS, 13.8.2012, :   D*0970445

Klystron Cluster Scheme (KCS)

  • KCS CFS Design Criteria (final TDR draft Dec 4, 2012):  D*0970355
  • Process water plants (KCS, draft Aug 13, 2012):  D*0971245
  • KCS Power Load Distribution by Shaft (draft Aug 13, 2012):   D*0974885
Distributed RF Scheme (DRFS)
  • DRFS CFS Design Criteria (draft Aug 16, 2011):  D*0970415
  • Process water plants (DRFS, draft Aug 18, 2011):  D*0971215
  • DRFS Power KW Load Distribution by Shaft (draft Aug 18, 2011):  D*0971605

Main Linac integration

Mandatory Documents

Main Linac Lattice and Beam Dynamics

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