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  • American Physical Society - December 2006
    Council Passes Statements on Linear Collider, Careers in Physics
    "The APS Council approved two new statements at its November meeting, one in support of the proposed International Linear Collider, and the other an updated statement on careers in physics..."
  • Interactions.org - 20 December 2006
    LRPC: Community releases report highlighting Canada's ascendancy in subatomic physics
    "At a brief ceremony held in Ottawa Monday, Dr. Suzanne Fortier, President of the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC), officially received a report on the future of subatomic physics in Canada from the Subatomic Physics Long-Range Planning Committee (LRPC) Chair Professor Kenneth Ragan of McGill University..."
  • Fermilab - 15 December 2006
    CERN Confident of LHC start-up in 2007
    "Delegates attending the 140th meeting of CERN* Council today heard a confident report from the Laboratory about the scheduled start-up of the world’s highest energy particle accelerator, the Large Hadron Collier (LHC), in 2007. ..."
  • Fermilab - 13 December 2006
    DZero finds evidence of rare single top quark; Observation marks a step closer to finding Higgs boson
    "Scientists of the DZero collaboration at the Department of Energy's Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory announced in a seminar at Fermilab on December 8, 2006 the first evidence of single top quarks produced in a rare subatomic process involving the weak nuclear force..."
  • Interactions.org - 5 December 2006
    TRIUMF Announces Next Director
    "...the TRIUMF Board of Management unanimously approved the appointment of Dr. Nigel Lockyer as the next Director of TRIUMF..."
  • The New York Times - 5 December 2006
    China Pursues Major Role in Particle Physics
    "...More important, Chinese particle physicists are poised to make a major contribution to one of the grandest collaborations of all, a proposed giant accelerator called the International Linear Collider, or I.L.C. ..."
  • The Beacon News - 24 November 2006
    You can help shape future for Fermilab
    "The next step in the evolution of particle physics could be coming to Fermi National Accelerator Lab in the near future -- and officials there want to know what you think about it..."
  • FYI: The American Institute of Physics - 22 November 2006
    ITER Agreement Signed
    "The world is counting on us to make ITER a success," Under Secretary for Science Raymond Orbach said at yesterday's signing ceremony for the ITER agreement. Joining Orbach at this ceremony in Paris were representatives of China, the European Union, India, Japan, the Republic of Korea, and the Russian Federation...
  • El Pais - 15 November 2006
    A project as expensive as ITER
    (In Spanish) "The cost of the ILC will be similar to the one of ITER", affirms the American scientist Barry Barish. "the subject is different, like the price will probably be, but we are speaking of the same scale". ITER, the experimental thermonuclear reactor, which the UE and other six partners will construct in Cadarache (France) to try to produce clean and cheap energy by means of the same fusion reactions that happens in the stars, will cost approximately 5,000 million euros...
  • seedmagazine.com - 20 November 2006
    Why the U.S. should spring for a new particle accelerator
    "Physics in the United States is at a crossroads. There are scientific discoveries just within reach whose impact is likely to transform and even transcend the field. Yet US particle physics facilities are being closed or converted to other uses..."
  • American Physical Society - 5 November 2006
    Statement on the International Linear Collider
    "Elementary particle physics, as underscored in the National Academy of Sciences report, Revealing the Hidden Nature of Space Time: Charting the Course for Elementary Particle Physics (also known as EPP-2010)..."
  • John Hopkins University - 16 November 2006
    Dark Energy Existed in Infant Universe
    "Using NASA's Hubble Space Telescope, researchers have discovered that dark energy, a mysterious repulsive force that makes the universe expand at an ever-faster rate, is not new but rather has been present in the universe for most of its 13-billion-year history..."
  • Interactions.org - 15 November 2006
    Swapan Chattopadhyay appointed to the UK’s first Chair of Accelerator Physics and to be the Inaugural Director of The Cockcroft Institute
    "The Universities of Liverpool, Manchester and Lancaster have appointed Swapan Chattopadhyay to the Sir John Cockcroft Chair of Physics. The three universities have together created this new Chair, the first such joint chair in Accelerator Physics in the UK..."
  • symmetry Magazine - October/November 2006
    The European Strategy for Particle Physics
    "The CERN Council Strategy Group has presented its recommendations in particle physics, focusing on a policy for Europe to "maintain and strengthen its central position" in the field."
  • Chicago Tribune - 11 November 2006
    The 18-mile road to the future
    "The Chicago area is home to two of the greatest research laboratories in the world--Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in Batavia and Argonne National Laboratory near Lemont... Bringing these two great labs together under one leadership umbrella comes at a critical moment..."
  • Panorama Actual - 8 November 2006
    The CSIC and Valencia University collaborate in defining the new particle accelerator
    (In Spanish) "...This international workshop, in which participate more than 400 experts, is organised by the Institute of Corpuscular Physics (IFIC), belonging to both CSIC and the Universitat de València, which appears to be the only research institute of Valencia Comunitat involved in this world-wide project..."
  • Levante - 7 November 2006
    Light on the dark matter
    (In Spanish) "...Fuster emphasizes that it is "the first time that in our country is decided the bases of a project of world-wide interest, that will revolutionise the Particle Physics. Spain, and in this case Valencia, is now an active participant and not only a mere spectator before an initiative of such magnitude..."
  • ABC - 7 November 2006
    The new accelerator will decode the new keys of "dark matter"
    (In Spanish) "...If everything leaves as it is predicted, the project will be a reality in hardly nine years. From then, the scientists have the hope to clarify concepts around the so-called "dark matter" and "quantum gravity"..."
  • Las Provincias - 7 November 2006
    400 experts analyse in Valencia the constitution of the Universe
    (In Spanish) "...Each of these spectacular collisions will create a series of new particles that could answer some fundamental questions on the matter and the time..."
  • The New York Times - 20 October 2006
    The Universe on a String
    "...Nevertheless, mathematical rigor and elegance are not sufficient to demonstrate a theory's relevance. To be judged a correct description of the universe, a theory must make predictions that are confirmed by experiment..." (Registration Required)
  • nature.com - 18 October 2006
    Japan's new premier chases innovation
    "...Japan's new prime minister, Shinzo Abe, has appointed a vocal supporter of science, Kiyoshi Kurokawa, as his special adviser..." (Registration Required)
  • Bild der Wissenschaft - November 2006
    Superlative Physics
    The November issue of the German science magazine is all about the big questions of physics and the big machines needed to answer them. (In German)
  • physicsweb.org - October 2006
    How the US sees the LHC
    "Particle physicists in the US are excited about their involvement in the Large Hadron Collider, but Nigel Lockyer says they must ensure their future after 2010 once all the major US high-energy-physics accelerator programmes have ended..."
  • The New York Times - 8 October 2006
    Oh, for the Simple Days of the Big Bang
    "FOURTEEN years ago, when a Berkeley astronomer named George F. Smoot declared that he and his satellite, the Cosmic Background Explorer, or COBE, had detected the astrophysical equivalent of the fingerprints of God, his euphoria was easy to understand..."
  • CERN Courier - 8 October 2006
    Particle physics and the press
    "These are exciting times for particle physics, and the world's press are taking notice. As the Large Hadron Collider prepares to begin operations, as the International Linear Collider becomes an ever more clearly defined project..."
  • FYI: The AIP Bulletin of Science Policy News - 29 September 2006
    Congress Delays Final Action on Science Funding Bills
    "Congress is leaving town with almost all of the FY 2007 funding bills still on Capitol Hill..."
  • The University of Chicago Chronicle - 25 September 2006
    Physicists on faculty support ILC construction
    "Two beams of subatomic particles, each measuring far less than the diameter of a human hair, travel at the speed of light from opposite ends of an 18-plus-miles- long track. In precise alignment, they smash head-on into each other..."
  • SLAC Today - 20 September 2006
    SLAC's ILC RF Design Effort Moves Forward
    "Rich Swent parts the thick plastic strips hanging from the doorframe and enters End Station B. He heads through the cavernous room, past spools of cables and under foot-thick cooling pipes, coming to a stop at a table..."
  • Interactions.org - 19 September 2006
    UK Particle Physics Steps on the Accelerator Pedal
    "Two major research centres opened today (19th September), bringing the UK to the forefront of international efforts in Accelerator Science and Technology..."
  • Scientific American - 28 August 2006
    What are dark matter and dark energy, and how are they affecting the universe?
    "Dark energy and dark matter describe proposed solutions to as yet unresolved gravitational phenomena. So far as we know, the two are distinct..."
  • NewScientist.com - 26 August 2006
    Upcoming colliders: Physics on the edge
    (subscription required) "Forget those messy atom smashers - a precision instrument is what's needed to discover the secrets of the universe..."
  • Seed Magazine - 25 August 2006
    Scientists Confirm Dark Matter's Existence
    "Scientists offered powerful confirmation of dark matter this week, after observing a collision of galaxies in the so-called bullet cluster..."
  • SLAC - 21 August 2006
    Dark Matter Observed: Most Direct Measurement of Dark Matter Allows Study of its Nature - Press Release
    "Dark matter, the elusive stuff that makes up a quarter of the universe, has been seen in isolation for the first time..."
  • SLAC Today - 10 August 2006
    Single Positron Damping Ring for ILC
    "Surrounded by the beautiful mountains and bay of Vancouver, Canada, the damping ring group made an important decision during the recent International Linear Collider (ILC) Workshop VLCW06..."
  • Popular Science Magazine - 9 August 2006
    Can This Machine Rescue Physics?
    "Suddenly the U.S. isn't the center of the physics universe. The answer: build the International Linear Collider—one of the most powerful (and expensive) pieces of equipment on Earth..."
  • FYI: The AIP Bulletin of Science Policy News - 7 August 2006
    Orbach Sees Promising Future for Science at the Department of Energy
    "'Both the Senate and the House have expressed their confidence in you, the scientific community,' Under Secretary for Science Ray Orbach told the Basic Energy Sciences Advisory Committee on August 3..."
  • Newsday.com - 30 July 2006
    Asleep at the collider
    "Elementary particle physics - the study of the smallest components of matter: the parts inside the parts inside the atom - is at a crossroads in the United States..."
  • Science Magazine - 21 July 2006
    Europe Draws Up Road Map, With Added CLICs
      "European particle physicists last week laid out their priorities for the future in a document that gives top billing to the nearly completed Large Hadron Collider at CERN, the European particle physics lab..." (Subscription required)
  • The Guardian - 18 July 2006
    Government shortlists big science builds
    "The Department for Trade and Industry has announced a shortlist of the next generation of big and expensive science facilities it would like see begin construction over the coming four years..."
  • Interactions.org - 14 July 2006
    CERN Council adopts European strategy for particle physics
    "Lisbon, 14 July 2006. At a special meeting in Lisbon today, the CERN Council[1] unanimously adopted a European strategy for particle physics. This is an important step for the field, outlining a leading role for Europe in this increasingly globalised endeavour..."
  • Nature Magazine - 12 July 2006
    Rushed decision on collider would limit useful options
    "Your Editorial about the International Linear Collider (ILC), "Making collider endorsement count" (Nature 440, 1089; 2006), states that CERN has insisted "that decisions about the siting of the ILC be delayed until an accelerator technology it is trying to develop is ready". This is untrue..."
  • symmetry Magazine - July 2006
    Battling the Clouds
    "Clouds of electrons could block the view of new discoveries at the proposed ILC, a multi-billion-dollar particle collider. Eliminating those clouds is critical to the prspects for the machine's success..."
  • symmetry Magazine - July 2006
    A Report Like No Other
    "Can the unique EPP2010 panel steer US particle physics away from its looming crisis? Physicists and policy makers are depending on it..."
  • SLAC today - 6 July 2006
    A Shotgun Approach to New Particles
    "At the International Linear Collider, electrons will shoot out from one end of the accelerator at nearly the speed of light and collide with a beam of anti-electrons, or positrons, traveling at the same speed..."
  • KEK - 6 July 2006
    Recommendations from the IPNS Research Plan Committee on Particle and Nuclear Studies at KEK after 2008
    "IPNS-RPC, the Research Plan Committee of the Institute for Particle and Nuclear Studies at KEK, recently released recommendations for future projects at KEK...The committee submitted an original report ... in which

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