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  • Telegraph.co.uk - 27 December 2007
    Stephen Hawking joins attack on science cuts
    "...British involvement in a future atom smasher, called the International Linear Collider, has now been ended, a move condemned as an "act of vandalism" and "extraordinary waste" of the £30 million invested so far by its British proponents..."
  • Nature - 24 December 2007
    Budget blow to US science
    "...Congress (...) slashed funding for the International Linear Collider (ILC), the next-generation particle accelerator, from $60 million to $15 million..."
  • The New York Times - 22 December 2007
    Budget Cuts Will Mean Layoffs at Fermilab
    "...Fermilab’s budget fell, because the spending bill specifically dictates large cuts to the International Linear Collider and the NOvA projects..."
  • Physics World - 21 December 2007
    US physics suffers budget setbacks
    "...The ILC is not the only international venture to suffer in the budget. The US contribution to the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) also falls to zero compared with a requested amount of $160 million..."
  • New Scientist - 21 December 2007
    Science cuts may harm UK's international reputation
    "...mong the casualties is the International Linear Collider - a $6.7 billion particle smasher intended to probe dark matter and search for extra dimensions..."
  • New Scientist - 19 December 2007
    US budget cuts a 'body blow' to particle accelerator
    "...Although the cuts are a big setback, Brian Foster, the European Director of the ILC, does not believe the project will be cancelled entirely. "Major international projects always go through these dark phases..."
  • Kane County Chronicle - 19 December 2007
    Fermi layoffs possible
    "...The first plan was to make Fermilab the home of the International Linear Collider, a multi-billion, international project. The original plan was $60 million in federal money for research and development to design America’s bid for the project..."
  • Daily Herald - 19 December 2007
    Federal budget so far not good for Fermilab
    "The proposed federal budget could jeopardize Fermilab's bid to house a multibillion-dollar international project and force layoffs at the Batavia facility, officials said Tuesday..."
  • Wired - 18 December 2007
    US Budget Spells New Troubles For Next-Gen Particle Accelerator
    "...Now the U.S. House of Representatives has passed its belated budget bill, and there's even more bad news for the ILC there..."
  • Chicago Tribune - 18 December 2007
    Funding disaster looms at Fermilab
    Federal cuts would wreck key projects

    "...The cut would effectively halt research and development for the International Linear Collider, a proposed multibillion-dollar facility that Fermilab officials had hoped would secure the lab's future after the scheduled shutdown of Fermilab's main particle accelerator in 2009..."
  • The Guardian - 17 December 2007
    Leader: In praise of ... Britain's astronomers and particle physicists
    "... Among the schemes under threat are Britain's share of the International Linear Collider, intended to carry out research into the creation of the universe..."
  • CERN Press Release - 14 December 2007
    Council appoints CERN’s next Director General
    "CERN Council today appointed Professor Rolf-Dieter Heuer to succeed Dr Robert Aymar as CERN’s Director General..."
  • physicsworld.com - 14 December 2007
    CERN reveals next director general
    "Speaking in a personal capacity, Heuer said he failed to comprehend the UK's recent decision to withdraw from plans for an International Linear Collider, the next big experiment in particle physics after the LHC..."
  • BBC Radio 4 - 14 December 2007
    Today Programme
    "University courses and research projects have been hit by a 25% cut in Physics funding. Jim Naughtie interviews Tom Feilden and Phil Willis..."
  • WIRED Magazine - 13 December 2007
    British Particle-Accelerator Bombshell Shocks Scientists
    "For more than a decade, British scientists have been among the leading lights in the development of the proposed International Linear Collider, a next-generation particle accelerator that researchers hope will ultimately join CERN's Large Hadron Collider in probing the universe's secrets..."
  • Telegraph - 13 December 2007
    UK to pull out of atom smasher project
    "The global physics community has reacted with "shock and disbelief" to the announcement that the UK will pull out of an international atom smasher..."
  • NewScientist.com - 12 December 2007
    UK pulls out of key physics and astronomy projects
    "The UK is pulling out of a number of physics and astronomy projects as a result of budget overruns in large new physics facilities. Researchers in the UK say the cuts will discourage students from pursuing careers in the physical sciences..."
  • Guardian Unlimited - 12 December 2007
    Science council struggles with cuts
    "The Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) has detailed drastic cuts across a range of research programmes in particle physics, astronomy and astrophysics as it struggles to cope with an £80m shortfall in its budget..."
  • Science - 11 December 2007
    Lean Days Ahead for U.K. Physical Science
    "Particle physicists and astronomers in the United Kingdom learned today that their grants and programs face dramatic cuts due to an £80 million shortfall at their primary funding agency, the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC)..."
  • Nature - 11 December 2007
    Physics and astronomy research face "catastrophic" cuts
    "Physicists and astronomers in the United Kingdom are expressing shock at a plan to slash their budgets and end involvement in a number of programmes..."
  • Physics World - 11 December 2007
    UK pulls out of plans for ILC
    "A funding crisis at one of the UK's leading research councils has forced the country to pull out of plans for the International Linear Collider (ILC)..."
  • Illustreret Videnskab - December 2007
    Verdens største maskine
    "Allerede før den kolossale partikelaccelerator LHC ved CERN har leveret de første resultater, står storesøsteren klar i kulissen. International Linear Collider skal smadre elektroner sammen med positroner for at give os ny viden om, hvordan naturen er skruet sammen..."
  • Today at Berkeley Lab - 6 December 2007
    A New Kind of Particle Detector Using Silicon-on-Insulator Chips
    "Marco Battaglia of Berkeley Lab's Physics Division and UC Berkeley's Department of Physics heads the Lab's program to develop a vertex detector for the proposed International Linear Collider (ILC), in collaboration with partners at the University of Padua and the University of Turin..."
  • New York Times - 27 November 2007
    Q&A: Collision Courses
    "Q. The most powerful particle collider, the Large Hadron Collider, will begin to operate in 2008 at 14 trillion electron volts. The next collider to be built, the International Linear Collider, will operate at only 0.5 trillion electron volts. Why are we going backward in collider energy levels?..."
  • SLAC Today - 15 November 2007
    Tailoring the ILC
    "What's the best way to dig a 72 km-long tunnel complex and install it with 2,000 cryomodules, over 13,000 magnets and approximately 540 high-level radio frequency stations?..."
  • SLAC Today - 13 November 2007
    New Instrument to Help Catch Electrons
    "The International Linear Collider (ILC) will probe some of the deepest mysteries of the universe, but before that can happen, SLAC scientists must solve the puzzle of how to make the ILC run best..."
  • symmetry magazine - September 2007
    Fermilab's path to the future
    "A new report gives top priority to developing the International Linear Collider, while laying out a plan for science that could be done along the way..."
  • Science Magazine - 26 October 2007
    Slow down you move too fast
    "Physicists developing an engineering design for the proposed multibillion-dollar International Linear Collider (ILC) are getting ahead of themselves, Raymond Orbach, undersecretary for science at the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), warned this week..."
  • WIRED - 18 October 2007
    Next-Gen Particle Collider's Slick New Sales Brochure
    "The folks behind the proposed International Linear Collider (ILC), a next-gen particle smasher that would complement Europe's Large Hadron Collider (LHC), have posted a slick new Web site explaining why their project is worth funding..."
  • Interactions News Wire - 18 October 2007
    International Linear Collider launches new "Gateway to the Quantum Universe" report and website
    "The International Linear Collider community today released a new report, "The International Linear Collider – Gateway to the Quantum Universe" to mark the beginning of a new phase for the proposed particle accelerator..."
  • MSNBC - 26 September 2007
    Building the future of physics
    "...That mega-machine, known as the International Linear Collider, won't become a reality until well after 2012. But lots of experts are already working on the ILC's design - and how to pay for it - because it takes years to go from one generation of supercollider to the next..."
  • Interactions News Wire - 1 October2007
    Sakue Yamada to lead International Linear Collider detector design
    "The International Linear Collider Steering Committee (ILCSC), a sub-panel of the International Committee for Future Accelerators (ICFA), has appointed Sakue Yamada, Professor Emeritus of University of Tokyo, to become the research director for the International Linear Collider, a proposed future particle accelerator..."
  • SLAC Today - 20 September 2007
    The Next Generation of RF Power Sources
    "Continuing the tradition of extending the state-of-the-art of klystron design, the Klystron and Microwave Department is currently working on the next generation of accelerator radio frequency (RF) power sources to power the International Linear Collider (ILC): the Sheet Beam Klystron (SBK)..."
  • Fermilab Today - 18 September 2007
    ILC Citizens' Task Force tours underground tunnels
    "Community leaders and media representatives went underground and toured the NuMI tunnel and halls Saturday to get an up close look at how civil engineering and science go hand in hand..."
  • Physorg.com - 17 September 2007
    Argonne physicists create landmark accelerator gradient
    "...High-energy physicists have begun to realize that they cannot continue their decades-long trend of building ever-larger accelerators, said John Power, a physicist in the AWA group. He sees projects like CERN's Large Hadron Collider, with a circumference of about 17 miles, or the proposed 20-to-25-mile-long International Linear Collider (ILC) as the ceiling for traditional accelerators..."
  • Fermilab Today - 17 September 2007
    Obama representative eyes Fermilab's economic future
    "...The laboratory has an annual budget of about $340 million, a figure that would grow if Fermilab was to host the proposed International Linear Collider in the next decade..."
  • Kane County Chronicle - 16 September 2007
    Tunnel vision
    "...The tourists were members of the International Linear Collider Citizens’ Task Force, a group of local officials and lab neighbors trying to see whether a Fermilab tunnel under their homes would work..."
  • symmetry magazine - August 2007
    A lab away from home
    "Dogs get jet lag. That's what Tor Raubenheimer, a physicist at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center in California, learned when he moved in 1996 for a one-year fellowship at CERN, the European particle physics lab..."
  • Nature Magazine - 12 September 2007
    Accelerator physics: The plasma revolution
    "...Many particle physicists think that if the planned International Linear Collider — a US$7-billion electron–positron collider that could begin operation within a decade — gets the go ahead, it may be the last large accelerator to be built for many decades as governments put a squeeze on funding..."
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  • SLAC Today - 6 September 2007
    Groovy project solving cloudy problem
    "...While electron clouds presently pose little threat to the PEP-II beam, they are a major concern for the International Linear Collider (ILC) or a future B-factory project..."
  • Cern Courier - September 2007
    KEK achieves first operation of crab cavities
    "Crab cavities will also play a role in achieving high luminosity at other machines with a crossing angle, including the proposed International Linear Collider, upgrades of the LHC at CERN, and future synchrotron light sources..."
  • Science Magazine - 31 August 2007
    Fermilab Proposes Way Station on the Road to the ILC
    "Facing an uncertain future, officials at the last dedicated particle physics lab in the United States have developed a backup plan in case their grand ambition to host a gargantuan international collider were seriously delayed..."
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  • Asimmetrie - June 2007
    La matera oscura - E allora la fabbrichiamo...
    "(...) presumibilmente, sarà necessario un apparato in grado di eseguire misure più precise prima di poter dire la parola finale su tale identificazione. Un acceleratore di questo tipo è già in via di progettazione: si tratta dell’Ilc (International Linear Collider) (...)"
  • SLAC Today - 21 August 2007
    Tor Raubenheimer Becomes Assistant Director for Accelerator R&D; Division Restructured
    "Tor Raubenheimer, the head of the International Linear Collider (ILC) group at SLAC, has been named the new Assistant Director for SLAC's Accelerator Research Division..."
  • Chicago Tribune - 20 August 2007
    'X' marks Fermilab future
    "Fermilab is floating plans for a new $500 million particle accelerator in hopes of paving the way for a much larger project and shoring up the lab's fragile position in the world of high-energy physics..."
  • Kane County Chronicle - 14 August 2007
    Fermilab's future a black hole?
    "...Fermilab officials have examined the possibility of building an International Linear Collider, or ILC, as part of the lab's future, Jackson said..."
  • SLAC Today - 14 August 2007
    First Warm Accelerator Structure Fabricated for Cold Machine
    "The Klystron Microwave Department has finished fabricating the first warm "L-Band" accelerator structure to fill a unique niche in the International Linear Collider (ILC) project..."
  • Fermilab Today - 14 August 2007
    Director's Corner: Roadmap
    "Last week I received from the Steering Group the draft report of a roadmap for the future accelerator-based particle physics program centered at Fermilab..."
  • Fermilab Today - 14 August 2007
    Fermilab's Vertical Test Stand paves way for ILC
    "While the International Linear Collider is still in the planning stage, Fermilab is taking part in cutting-edge research that will be crucial to turn the ILC into a reality..."
  • Chicago Tribune - 5 August 2007
    Supercollisions on the horizon?
    "The project staggers the imagination: a machine that would stretch 20 miles through the bedrock 400 feet beneath Kane, DuPage and perhaps Will Counties..."
  • SLAC Today - 3 August 2007
    Practical Sabbatical
    "Tom Himel doesn't know German, but he expects to have much to share and much to learn when he spends a year in the northern German city of Hamburg starting on Tuesday, August 7..."
  • interactions.org - 3 August 2007
    Brookhaven Physics Leaders Satoshi Ozaki and Michael Harrison Receive IEEE's Particle Accelerator Science & Technology Award
    "Satoshi Ozaki and Michael Harrison, physicist-administrators at the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Brookhaven National Laboratory who led the decade-long development and construction of the Laboratory's world-class particle accelerator, the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC), were awarded the 2007 Particle Accelerator Science & Technology Award..."
  • Berliner Zeitung - 2 August 2007
    Sehnsucht nach der großen Formel
    "Neue Materieteilchen würden die Welt verständlicher machen. Die Jagd nach ihnen hat begonnen..."
  • SLAC Today - 31 July 2007
    Clearing Clouds
    "Clouds might be welcome during a drought, but you definitely don't want them in your beam pipes. Researchers around the world are working out how to keep a section of the proposed International Linear Collider—the positron damping ring—clear of electron clouds..."
  • Daily Herald - 31 July 2007
    Getting people to understand, support Fermilab's effort
    "A quest to bring a multibillion-dollar high-energy physics lab to Batavia could pump millions of dollars into the local and state economy as well as pave the way for new manufacturing and technology jobs across the country. But few people realize that..."
  • Beacon News - 28 July 2007
    'What's it going to do to my house'
    "...The Task Force is designed to bring these real-world concerns into the planning for the ILC at the earliest stages. Above all, what the team at Fermilab hopes to avoid is a repeat of the Superconducting Supercollider situation from the late 1980s..."
  • symmetry magazine - June/July 2007
    Industry eyes the next big collider
    "Technology developed for the International Linear Collider could help make nuclear waste safer, cargo inspection easier, and drug design more effective..."
  • SLAC Today - 26 July 2007
    The Shape of Things to Come
    "When you pack 16 billion electrons into a space smaller than the head of pin, things get crowded in unpredictable ways..."
  • Fermilab Today - 26 July 2007
    Books not required: ILC School begins at Fermilab
    "Fermilab employees and users sat attentively in the One West conference room Wednesday morning, eager to learn more about ongoing plans for the International Linear Collider..."
  • Fermilab Today - 25 July 2007
    Toward the ILC
    "Today is the first day of "Toward the ILC," a Fermilab community school devoted to educating the lab staff and our user community about ILC research and development..."
  • Scenta - 17 July 2007
    Space probe
    "A UK-developed key component of the International Linear Collider (ILC) - one of science's most ambitious ever projects - has successfully completed prototype testing..."
  • Fermilab Today - 16 July 2007
    Fermilab goes to ILC School
    "Although Rob Roser, co-spokesperson of CDF, has a busy schedule, he's taking the time to attend a three-day Fermilab ILC school on July 25-27..."
  • SLAC Today - 13 July 2007
    Pushing for Higher Gradients
    "Like a boxer eating calorie-dense foods to get to the top of his weight class before a match, particles pumped up on high acceleration gradients pack more power into every collision..."
  • SLAC Today - 5 July 2007
    ILC Coupler Activities at SLAC
    "While other labs concentrate on developing superconducting cavities for the International Linear Collider (ILC), SLAC is focusing on the technology needed to power them..."
  • Deutschlandfunk - 2 July 2007
    Hera in Rente
    Deutschlands größter Teilchenbeschleuniger wurde abgeschaltet "...So könnte der Elektronenring von Hera eines Tages als Testgerät für einen neuen Riesenbeschleuniger gebraucht werden, den ILC. Der dürfte zwar kaum in Hamburg gebaut werden. Dennoch beteiligt sich das Desy mit großem Engagement an dem Megaprojekt..."
  • Asimmetrie - June 2007
    La matera oscura - E allora la fabbrichiamo...
    "(...) presumibilmente, sarà necessario un apparato in grado di eseguire misure più precise prima di poter dire la parola finale su tale identificazione. Un acceleratore di questo tipo è già in via di progettazione: si tratta dell’Ilc (International Linear Collider) (...)"
  • FYI: AIP Bulletin of Science Policy News - 29 June 2007
    Senate Appropriators Fund FY 2008 DOE Science Request
    "...The Committee provides $60,000,000 to support research to support the U.S. ILC effort within the Accelerator Development, International Linear Collider R&D activities. The Committee appreciates the scientific challenge of building the ILC in the United States, establishing our leadership in this discipline among an international team..."
  • SLAC Today - 29 June 2007
    ILC's High-Energy Collisions Require Accurate Energy Measurements
    "The International Linear Collider (ILC) collaboration proposes to crash electron and positron beams together with a total energy of 500 GeV (billion electron volts)..."
  • Interactions News Wire - 22 June 2007
    CERN announces new start-up schedule for world’s most powerful particle accelerator
    "Speaking at the 142nd session of the CERN[1] Council today, the Organization’s Director General Robert Aymar announced that the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) will start up in May 2008, taking the first steps towards studying physics at a new high-energy frontier..."
  • symmetry magazine - May 2007
    When the new neighbor's a giant
    "At one potential site for the International Linear Collider, people in the community are getting to know the project years in advance..."
  • Berliner Zeitung - 8 June 2007
    Eine Rennstrecke für Susy und Higgs
    "Der längste Teilchenbeschleuniger aller Zeiten soll Partikel aufspüren, die es bislang nur in der Theorie gibt..."
  • BMBF press release - 5 June 2007
    Schavan: "Ein Meilenstein für Europas Wissenschaftler"
    "Die Weichen für den Bau des europäischen Freie-Elektronen-Röntgenlasers XFEL sind gestellt..."
  • BBC news - 5 June 2007
    Green light for flash fantastic
    "A major new particle accelerator is to be built at Hamburg, Germany, that is capable of producing super-brilliant, ultra-short flashes of X-ray light..."
  • sueddeutsche.de - 5 June 2007
    Lichtblitze aus der Kälteröhre
    "DIn Hamburg entsteht der stärkste Röntgenlaser der Welt. Wissenschaftler sollen mit ihm Atome in Zeitlupe sehen und mehr über das Innerste der Erde herausfinden..."
  • Deutschlandfunk - Forschung Aktuell - 31 May 2007
    Schnurgerade Rennstrecke
    "Der weltgrößte Ringbeschleuniger hat noch nicht seinen Betrieb aufgenommen, da bringen die Teilchenphysiker schon ihr nächstes Riesenspielzeug in trockene Tücher: der Internationale Lineare Beschleuniger (ILC). Auf einer Tagung in Hamburg wurde die Mammutanlage jetzt diskutiert..."
  • SLAC Today - 24 May 2007
    Science Today: "ILC Tribes" Gather
    "Last month Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory served as host for a "gathering of the International Linear Collider (ILC) tribes." Three back-to-back meetings covered superconducting (SC) technology R&D, an international review of the ILC Global Design Effort (GDE) and a review of R&D progress in the Americas..."
  • Fermilab Today - 21 May 2007
    ILC task force seeks feedback for EDR at town meeting
    "Seeking both suggestions and signups, Technical Division head Marc Ross described the activities of the ILC Engineering Design Report task force at an ILC Town Meeting in One West last Wednesday..."
  • SLAC Today - 17 May 2007
    Strong Focus on Test Beams
    "On the opposite rim of the Pacific Ocean, a group of SLAC physicists are part of the international team helping to expand the Accelerator Test Facility (ATF) at the Japanese lab KEK..."
  • Interactions News Wire - 15 May 2007
    Johns Hopkins Team Finds Ring of Dark Matter
    "Using NASA's Hubble Space Telescope, a team of astronomers has discovered a ghostly ring of dark matter that formed long ago during a titanic collision between two massive galaxy clusters..."
  • The Boston Globe - 12 May 2007
    Project signals Europe's bid to dominate particle physics
    "... An international consortium in February outlined a bold vision for an International Linear Collider, a 20-mile, straight-line accelerator -- more powerful than CERN's -- considered likely to be built in Asia, if it is built..."
  • The Boston Globe - 12 May 2007
    Scientists hope collider makes a big bang
    "GENEVA -- In a 17-mile circular tunnel curving beneath the Swiss-French border, scientists are poised to recreate the universe's first trillionth of a second..."
  • The New Yorker - 7 May 2007
    Crash Course
    "... Meanwhile, physicists are already lobbying for the next generation of machines. The plan for the International Linear Collider, which, as its name suggests, would be built in a straight line rather than a ring, calls for smashing electrons and positrons together at the midpoint of a tunnel twenty miles long..."
  • symmetry magazine - April 2007
    A Quest for Balance in Canada
    "Canadian subatomic physics has a lot going for it: sparkling new hardware, an influx of bright young minds, and key roles in international projects. But only by doubling its operating budget can it live up to that potential, a new report suggests..."
  • symmetry magazine - April 2007
    Commentary: Nigel Lockyer
    TRIUMF in Canada
    "Canada, affectionately known to Americans as the "Great White North," boasts the world's largest reserve of fresh water and the biggest oil reserves outside the Middle East. It's the largest trading partner of the United States; and when it comes to science, it's destined to become the main regional partner of the United States, as well..."
  • SLAC Today - 7 May 2007
    Stopping Stray Electrons in Their Tracks
    "...Collimators are pieces of metal fitted inside a beam pipe, allowing the focused core of the beam through while blocking stray electrons (or positrons). The job of the International Linear Collider (ILC) group is to develop and test collimators that effectively deal with the nonconformists without disrupting the rest of the beam..."
  • SLAC Today - 19 April 2007
    Electron cloud workshops
    "Electron cloud phenomena in accelerators have become such an important topic that there have been two recent workshops on the subject. ECLOUD 07 was held April 9th through 12th in the beautifully flowering city of Daegu, Korea..."
  • Science Daily - 14 April 2007
    Physicists Designing Detector for International Particle Collider
    "John Hauptman stood before an international gathering of particle physicists and announced he had another idea. One that was different. One that was simpler. And best of all, one that he was sure would work..."
  • Cern Courier - Apr 2007
    ICFA releases ILC design report
    "The International Committee for Future Accelerators (ICFA) has released the Reference Design Report (RDR) for a future International Linear Collider (ILC). The report provides the first detailed technical description of the machine, including a cost estimate, and is a major step towards the engineering design report that would underlie a formal project proposal..."
  • Physics Today - Apr 2007
    International Linear Collider Gets Reference Design and Cost Estimate
    "For more than five years now, a linear electron–positron collider big enough to explore the so-called terascale (collision energies of order 1012 electron volts or 1 TeV) has topped the wish list of the international community of particle physicists..."
    (subscription required)
  • symmetry Magazine - Mar/Apr 2007
    Focus on the Future
    "Over the next few years, the United States and the international high-energy physics communities will see great scientific opportunities and profound changes..."
  • symmetry Magazine - Mar/Apr 2007
    Toward an International Linear Collider
    "The ILC reached a major milestone when it presented the first detailed technical snapshot of the machine in Beijing. The announcement marks the beginning of the engineering phase of the project..."
  • symmetry Magazine - Mar/Apr 2007
    The ILC’s reference design
    "After extensive international collaboration and planning, the International Linear Collider has reached a milestone with its Reference Design Report..."
  • Interactions.org - 28 March 2007
    PPARC announces £30m for physics Grid
    "Science computing in the UK has been boosted with the announcement by the Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council (PPARC) of £30m further funding for the UK’s largest scientific Grid..."
  • MSNBC - 23 March 2007
    Elegant physicist makes string theory sexy
    "If you're trying to impress the geeks, being a professional string theorist would have to put you pretty high up on the coolness scale..."
  • Science - 23 March 2007
    LARGE HADRON COLLIDER: Stability, International Character Honed CERN's Competitive Edge
    "TThe qualities that helped the lab make the LHC a reality could put it a step ahead in the race for the next great particle smasher..."
  • SLAC Today - 22 March 2007
    Colloquium: The Reference Design for the ILC, Costs and What's Next
    "The International Linear Collider (ILC) has reached an important moment in its evolution..."
  • SLAC Today - 20 March 2007
    Protecting Against Electromagnetic Interference
    "By placing electronics from the retired SLAC Large Detector (SLD) next to a test beam in End Station A, a small group of experimenters is learning how to protect the detector electronics of the proposed International Linear Collider (ILC)..."
  • SLAC Today - 15 March 2007
    New Release of Lucretia Beam Dynamics Simulation Software
    "On February 13, The SLAC International Linear Collider (ILC) Division released a new version of the Lucretia beam dynamics simulation package..."
  • Jefferson Lab News - 13 March 2007
    Jefferson Lab Cooks Up the Perfect Cavity
    "While it's said that opposites attract, particle physicists are taking no chances..."
  • Interactions.org - 12 March 2007
    Jonathan Dorfan to step down as SLAC director
    "Jonathan Dorfan, who has served as the director of the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC) for nearly eight years, has announced he will step down this fall..."
  • The New York Times - 11 March 2007
    Out There
    "Three days after learning that he won the 2006 Nobel Prize in Physics, George Smoot was talking about the universe..."
  • Economist.com - 8 March 2007
    Onwards and Upwards
    "NOT content with spending around $10 billion on a shiny new collider at CERN, the European particle physics laboratory in Geneva, physicists are now campaigning for its successor..."
  • Physorg.com - 7 March 2007
    Particle X in rare decay could belong to a new physics model
    "A particle that may mediate the rare decay of a Sigma-plus hyperon appears to have close affiliations with a light Higgs boson found in one supersymmetric model—an interpretation suggesting unambiguous evidence for physics beyond the standard model (SM), scientists say..."
  • FYI Bulletin - 6 March 2007
    Senate Drive Underway in Support of FY 2008 DOE Science Funding
    "Senator Jeff Bingaman (D-NM) and Senator Lamar Alexander (R-TN) have asked their colleagues to join them in signing a letter in support of the FY 2008 request for the DOE Office of Science...."
  • Fermilab Today - 6 March 2007
    How low can it go? ILC test beam gets a better range
    "Usually bigger, faster and higher energy are all good things in particle physics. But when it comes to test beams for the ILC, low energy beams have become the gold standard..."
  • Interactions.org - 5 March 2007
    Belle Confirms Quantum Entanglement at 10 Billion Electron Volts
    "In 1935 Albert Einstein and collaborators Boris Podolski and Nathan Rosen (EPR) wrote a celebrated paper on "entangled states": systems that, according to quantum mechanics, must be treated as a single unit even if their pieces are far apart..."
  • NewScientist.com - 2 March 2007
    Higgs boson: Glimpses of the God particle
    "If the blips in the debris of the Tevatron particle smasher really are signs of the Higgs boson then it's not what we expected. It might mean that it's time to replace the standard model with a more complex picture of the universe..."
  • Science - 2 March 2007
    Dreams Collide With Reality for International Experiment
    (subscription required) "U.S. high-energy physicists are scrambling to plug a hole in the long-range plans of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) for their field after the department’s top scientist warned them that they may have to wait years longer than they’d hoped for their dream machine..."
  • Nature - 1 March 2007
    Laser physics: Extreme light
    (subscription required) "Almost 100 million times more powerful than its earliest ancestor, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is the latest triumph in a century of astounding physics..."
  • symmetry Magazine - Jan/Feb 2007
    Evolution of a Collider
    "A new type of modulator developed at SLAC reached important milestones on Wednesday, making it feasible to more reliably and less expensively provide power to accelerate particles at the proposed International Linear Collider (ILC)..."
  • SLAC Today - 23 February 2007
    New New Modulator Technology Looks Feasible for ILC
    "A new type of modulator developed at SLAC reached important milestones on Wednesday, making it feasible to more reliably and less expensively provide power to accelerate particles at the proposed International Linear Collider (ILC)..."
  • The National Academies - 22 February 2007
    Scientists Release Designs for Particle Accelerator
    "An international group of 60 scientists has released initial designs for the International Linear Collider. If constructed, the machine would slam subatomic particles with opposing energies into each other to simulate the conditions that occurred moments after the universe was created..."
  • Reuters - 18 February 2007
    Physicists dream of next big particle smasher
    "As the world's largest particle collider being completed on the French-Swiss border prepares for its first test in November, scientists are already looking at building the next big particle-smashing machine..."
  • Earth and Sky - 18 February 2007
    Will science find the "God particle"?
    Scientists last week announced plans to build a 20-mile-long machine in Beijing, China with the goal of finding what’s been dubbed as the "God particle."
  • PhysOrg.com - 16 February 2007
    Nobel laureate Burton Richter to speak about future of particle physics
    "Particle physics is about to transform our thinking once again. Experiments of the last 15 years suggest new forms of matter, new forces of nature and perhaps even new dimensions of space and time. Pinning down the new ideas will require more data from larger and more expensive machines-at a time when funding is more difficult than ever to secure..."
  • Le Monde - 15 February 2007
    Un effort mondial est requis pour le dernier des accélérateurs géants
    "Ce sera le prochain mastodonte, et sans doute le dernier de son espèce. Une équipe internationale vient de présenter, à Pékin, l'architecture de la nouvelle grosse machine à faire avancer la physique des particules, alors que la possibilité d'user un jour d'outils beaucoup plus modestes commence à se dessiner..."
  • News24 - 15 February 2007
    In search of the 'God particle'
    "Scientists in three locations on the globe are locked in a multi-billion-dollar race to cross the boundaries of knowledge in particle physics..."
  • New Scientist - 15 February 2007
    Collider costed - atom smashers don't come cheap
    "It has taken 60 experts two years to calculate the price tag for recreating the early universe, but they have finally done it. The International Linear Collider (ILC) will cost $6.7 billion..."
  • Hamburger Abendblatt - 15 February 2007
    Milliarden-Projekt für Hamburg?
    "They Der Desy-Chef plant mit einem internationalen Team ein Mammut-Projekt - um der Natur auf die Spur zu kommen. Neben Hamburg sind die USA und Japan im Rennen...."
  • COSMOS Magazine - 15 February 2007
    Dark matter and 'God particle' within reach
    "PARIS: The boundaries of knowledge in particle physics look set to be broken soon with scientists around the globe locked in a multi-billion-dollar race to solve two great mysteries..."
  • Nature Magazine - 15 February 2007
    Physicists Pitch Biggest Accelerator
    (subscription required) "They have worked out the cost of a next-generation particle accelerator; now physicists must sell the dream machine to their governments. At a meeting in Beijing, China, last week, a coalition of physicists set the construction price for the International Linear Collider (ILC)..."
  • Interactions.org - 14 February 2007
    New Accelerator Technique Doubles Particle Energy in Just One Meter
    "Imagine a car that accelerates from zero to 60 in 250 feet and then rockets to 120 miles per hour in just one more inch. That's essentially what a collaboration of accelerator physicists has accomplished, using electrons for their racecars and plasma for the afterburners..."
    Read the article in Nature Magazine
  • Onversity - 14 February 2007
    International Linear Collider 2016 : Etudier l'univers
    "Le LHC va devenir le plus puissant accélérateur de particules au monde pour plusieurs années. Mais après ? Car il faut bien penser à l'après. Ca sera l'ILC (International Linear Collider) un accélérateur de particules mettant en collision des électrons
    (charge négative) et leurs antiparticules, les positrons (charge positive)..."
  • PhysOrg.com - 14 February 2007
    Smashing time: Physicists race to find dark matter and the 'God particle'
    "Scientists in three locations on the globe are locked in a multi-billion-dollar race to cross the boundaries of knowledge in particle physics..."
  • El Pais - 14 February 2007
    El futuro colisionador lineal de partículas medirá 31 kilómetros
    "La próxima gran máquina experimental para desentrañar los misterios del universo a su escala más elemental será un colisionador de partículas internacional de 31 kilómetros de longitud y un coste de 4.300 millones de euros, según el diseño de referencia del proyecto, que se presentó la semana pasada en Pekín..."
  • Science Times - 13 February 2007
    Cost of the hardware is $6.7 billion; some of the facilities may be produced in China The reference design report for the International Linear Collider released
    "The International Committee for Future Accelerators (ICFA) announced to the world the release of the Reference Design Report (RDR) and the cost estimate for the International Linear Collider (ILC), a proposed future international high energy particle accelerator. The announcement was made on February 8, at the Institute of High Energy Physics (IHEP), Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing, China..."
  • NouvelObs.com - 12 February 2007
    Les physiciens dévoilent les plans du futur grand accélérateur de particules
    "Une équipe internationale de physiciens a posé les bases du futur accélérateur de particules, l’International Linear Collider. Un outil qui ne se substituera pas au LHC construit en Europe mais qui offrira d’autres moyens pour percer les secrets de la matière et des particules qui la composent..."
  • iTWire - 11 February 2007
    International Linear Collider proposed to explore origins of universe
    "An international high-energy physics research project was proposed on Thursday, February 8, 2007, at a meeting in Beijing, China. The project intends to design and build the International Linear Collider that is proposed to consist of a 30-kilometer (20-mile) linear particle accelerator..."
  • Zeit online - 10 February 2007
    Wer soll das bezahlen?
    "5,5 Milliarden kostet einem neuen Bericht zufolge der modernste Teilchenbeschleuniger der Welt. Deutsche Physiker würden ihn gerne nahe Hamburg aufbauen. Von Björn Schwentker..."
  • Le Figaro - 10 February 2007
    Un accélérateur pour éclairer le big bang
    "Le schéma technique du futur accélérateur de particules international a été présenté à Pékin. Coût estimé : 5,5 milliards d'euros..."
  • CNET News.com - 10 February 2007
    Big Bang and bucks set to collide in inner space
    "At a news conference in Beijing on Thursday, an international consortium of physicists released the first detailed design of what they believe will be the Next Big Thing in physics: a machine 20 miles long that will slam together electrons and their evil-twin opposites, positrons, to produce fireballs of energy recreating conditions when the universe was only a trillionth of a second old..."
  • China Daily - 9 February 2007
    $7b proposed for particle study
    "It has taken International scientists yesterday proposed a $7-billion-plus plan to build an international linear collider (ILC) to find unknown particles and conduct studies...."
  • Guangming Daily - 9 February 2007
    Cost estimate of the project exceeds $7 billion International physicists prepare to co-build the new generation high energy accelerator
    "Since the circular electron colliders can’t avoid the energy loss when electrons are turning around, the world high energy physics community has agreed to build a large electron-positron linear collider to reach the energy of 500 billion to 1000 billion electron volts, in order to study the fundamental questions of nature, such as the origin of mass, dark matter and dark energy..."
  • Chicago Tribune - 9 February 2007
    Cost of solving mysteries of universe: $6.7 billion
    "An international consortium of physicists on Thursday released the first detailed design of what they believe will be the next big thing in physics. The machine, 20 miles long, will slam together electrons and their opposites, positrons, to produce fireballs of energy re-creating conditions when the universe was only a trillionth of a second old. It would cost about $6.7 billion..."
  • Todito Noticias - 9 February 2007
    Recrearán primeros instantes del Universo
    "Un consorcio internacional de físicos de alto nivel anunció en China lo que será una de las mayores noticias en el mundo de la ciencia, una máquina que recreará los primeros instantes del Universo...."
  • Science Magazine - 9 February 2007
    International Team Releases Design, Cost for Next Great Particle Smasher
    (subscription required) "An international team has released a preliminary design and cost estimate for the International Linear Collider, the hoped-for straight-shot particle smasher that many researchers say is the future of their field..."
  • Science and Technology Daily - 8 February 2007
    Global efforts towards the International Linear Collider
    "The International Committee for Future Accelerators announced today in Beijing the release of the Reference Design Report and the preliminary cost estimate for the International Linear Collider, which is a dream machine for the high energy physicists all over the world..."
  • Xinhua Net - 8 February 2007
    International scientists released the design report for the new high energy accelerator
    "The International Committee for Future Accelerators announced on Feb. 8 in Beijing the Reference Design Report for the International Linear Collider, a new international scientific cooperation project..."
  • International Herald Tribune - 8 February 2007
    Physicists plan costly look at the beginnings of the universe
    "The price of exploring inner space went up Thursday. An international consortium of physicists meeting in Beijing released the first detailed design of what they believe will be the next big thing in physics: a machine 31 kilometers, or 19 miles, long that will slam together electrons and their evil-twin opposites, positrons, to produce fireballs of energy recreating conditions when the universe was only a trillionth of a second old..."
  • PhysicsWeb - 8 February 2007
    Multibillion-dollar collider plans unveiled
    "Particle physicists released an outline design for the proposed International Linear Collider (ILC) at a meeting in Beijing this morning. The design details the components needed to build the 31 km-long facility and comes with an initial estimate of the collider's cost: a cool $6.5bn for the core project. Researchers see the ILC as the next big facility after the Large Hadron Collider, which is due to switch on at CERN later this year..."
  • Wired News - 8 February 2007
    Next-Gen Smasher To Cost $6.6B
    "Physicists have unveiled designs for an ambitious $6.65 billion particle-smasher that would let scientists peer into the moments following the big bang -- and maybe restore flagging U.S. scientific prestige..."
  • The New York Times - 8 February 2007
    Price of Next Big Thing in Physics: $6.7 Billion
    "The price of exploring inner space went up Thursday. At a news conference in Beijing, an international consortium of physicists released the first detailed design of what they believe will be the Next Big Thing in physics: a machine 20 miles long that will slam together electrons and their evil-twin opposites, positrons, to produce fireballs of energy recreating conditions when the universe was only a trillionth of a second old..."
  • NewScientist.com - 3 February 2007
    Keeping the high-energy dream alive
    "The impending opening of the Large Hadron Collider confirms that the dynamic heart of particle physics no longer beats in the US..."
  • PhysOrg.com - 31 January 2007
    Viewing the Future: ILC Simulations
    "Even though it will still be several years before the International Linear Collider (ILC) comes online, scientists have already conducted millions of collision experiments, using detectors that have not been built yet. This is not the result of a new field of clairvoyant physics, but the power of computer simulations..."
  • Media Advisory - 31 January 2007
    International Committee for Future Accelerators to Deliver Update on Progress of the International Linear Collider, Thursday, February 8
    "The International Linear Collider is a proposed electron-positron collider. The Reference Design Report provides the first detailed technical snapshot of the ILC and includes a preliminary value estimate to obtain guidance for optimisation of both the design process and R&D during the engineering phase..."
  • FYI: The American Institute of Physics - 17 January 2007
    DOE Outlines "Critical Impacts" of Flat Funding on Science and Other Programs
    "...A year-long CR at the FY2006 funding level, with no further relief, will result in severe impacts to the program. A one-month furlough of all Fermilab employees will be necessary, except for personnel essential for safety and security, along with one month less of Tevatron facility operations. An estimated 120 RIFs will occur broadly across the HEP program, but mostly at SLAC (contractors) and universities (grantees), with the largest impact on International Linear Collider R&D program, HEP's highest R&D priority for a future facility."
  • Cosmic Log - 16 January 2007
    The next big machine in the world of science
    "The next big machine in the world of science is the Large Hadron Collider, an $8 billion particle accelerator due to start operations late this year on the French-Swiss border..."
  • Eureka Magazine - 16 January 2007
    Accelerator challenges move the frontiers
    Tom Shelley reports on the large-scale precision requirements being set by plans to build the world’s next big particle accelerator.
  • Interactions.org - 8 January 2007
    CDF precision measurement of W-boson mass suggests a lighter Higgs particle
    "Scientists of the CDF collaboration at the Department of Energy's Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory announced today (January 8, 2007) the world’s most precise measurement by a single experiment of the mass of the W boson, the carrier of the weak nuclear force and a key parameter of the Standard Model of particles and forces..."
  • The New York Times - 7 January 2007
    Congressional Budget Delay Stymies Scientific Research
    "The failure of Congress to pass new budgets for the current fiscal year has produced a crisis in science financing that threatens to close major facilities, delay new projects and leave thousands of government scientists out of work, federal and private officials say..."

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