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From CERN Bulletin 19 December 2011

ILC in 2012: Decisions ahead!

"...The 2000 or so people from around the world who are planning and developing the International Linear Collider are starting to get this funny feeling when something that you have been working on and looking forward to for a long, long time is suddenly just around the corner. ..."
From Kahoku Shimpo 16 December 2011


"...The next large accelerator is expected to be invite to be built in Tohoku as a symbol of recovery from the earthquake...."
From Gazeta 16 December 2011

Япония стала конкурентом России в борьбе за право разместить у себя линейный коллайдер

"...Japan becomes the rival of Russia to host the linear collider...."
From Nihon Keizai Shimbun 15 December 2011

次期加速器、日本誘致目指し候補地調査 政府

"...Japanese government goes for site survey, aiming for the bid...."
From Iwate Nippo 15 December 2011

首相、ILC誘致に前向き 「国民の理解重要」

"...Prime Minister positive in bidding for the ILC saying “the public understanding is important.”..."
From NHK News 15 December 2011

世界最大の加速器 日本誘致を

"...Considering a potential bid for the world’s biggest accelerator...."
From The Guardian 13 December 2011

In praise of … non-trivial pursuits

"...Discovery will simply raise more fundamental questions: that is why, long before the LHC was switched on, the particle physicists of Europe and America began devising plans for an International Linear Collider, to answer questions raised by the discovery of the Higgs or, even more thrillingly, the discovery that it does not exist – that something is wrong with the standard model of the making of a universe. ..."
From The Telegraph 13 December 2011

An unconfirmed sighting of the elusive Higgs boson

"...…”126 GeV would be a convenient value for a new linear collider; if it existed at that mass range, we could then study the Higgs further,”… ..."
From Discover Magazine 13 December 2011

First Glimpse of the Higgs Boson: Guest post from Jack Gunion

"...Further, such a light SM-like Higgs boson provides strong motivation for a linear electron-positron collider of low center-of-mass energy. Studies suggest that only such a collider can easily measure the properties of such a light Higgs boson at the few percent level, although the LHC might not do that much worse depending upon future improvements and upgrades ..."
From Wired (Japanese Edition) 9 November 2011

Can ILC be an accelerator for recovery from the earthquake disaster?

"...震災復興の「加速器」となるか? 宇宙誕生の謎を解くILC計画..."
From Physics World 3 November 2011

Undulator brings ILC closer to reality

"...A full-scale undulator module that could produce the intense positron beams needed for next-generation particle colliders has been unveiled by an international team of physicists. Similar modules could be used in future projects such as the International Linear Collider (ILC) and the Compact Linear Collider (CLIC) – both of which aim to collide high-energy positrons with high-energy electrons...."
From Hamburger Abendblatt 18 October 2011

Gesichter der Wissenschaft

"...Dies geschieht in großen Teilchenbeschleunigern, wie dem bei Desy geplanten International Linear Collider (ILC). In dieser weltweit größten Anlage sollen in Zukunft zwei je 15 Kilometer lange Teilchenkanonen Elektronen und Positronen aufeinanderfeuern und eine große Anzahl neuer, bisher unbekannter Teilchen freisetzen...."
(in German)
From International Business Times 10 October 2011

New Particle Smasher to be Built in “Science City”

"...A new "science city" may soon emerge with the creation of the International Linear Collider, a new multi-billion dollar particle smasher...."
From Parque de las Ciencias TV 7 October 2011

Entrevista a François Richard

"...Entrevista a François Richard con motivo de la conferencia "Viaje al corazón de la materia"..."
From swissinfo.ch 6 October 2011

Scientists discuss Next Big Thing in physics

"...“We are moving ahead on the research and development in order to be ready when we find something at the LHC,” Heuer told journalists. “The ILC has a more limited energy range than the CLIC but is more mature.”..."
From Reuters 3 October 2011

Cosmic research "Dream Machine" mooted

"...Gathering for four days at CERN near Geneva, scientists and heads of major research centers around the globe are looking at how to combine resources and funding for the project, the International Linear Collider (ILC)...."
From New Scientist 28 September 2011

Fermilab stops hunting Higgs, starts neutrino quest

"...Fermilab might yet come back with an accelerator to rival the LHC. In a brightly lit laboratory with gleaming white floors, I glimpse what looks like a stack of silver doughnuts...."
From Europa Press 27 September 2011

El director de la CERN insiste en que el estudio de los neutrinos debe ser verificado

"...En la actualidad siete centros de investigación y universidades españoles participan en los dos proyectos existentes: el Colisionador Lineal Internacional (ILC, por sus siglas en inglés) y Colisionador Lineal Compacto (CLIC)......"
(in Spanish)
From Radio Granada 27 September 2011

El profesor Francois Richard ofrece la conferencia “Viaje al corazón de la materia”

"...En el marco del congreso internacional sobre aceleradores lineales que se celebra esta semana en Granada. El acelerador de partículas más poderoso del mundo, el LHC, comenzó a funcionar cerca de Ginebra hace dos años. Su misión es explorar el corazón......"
(in Spanish)
From abc.es 26 September 2011

La verdad sobre los neutrinos puede tardar un año

"......que llegan a la misma conclusión", ha manifestado Heuer, durante la celebración del Congreso Mundial sobre Futuros Colisionadores Lineales en Granada......"
(in Spanish)
From abc.es 26 September 2011

La velocidad de los neutrinos, a debate en Granada

"...El director de la Organización Europea para la Investigación Nuclear (CERN), Rolf Heuer, inaugura este lunes el Congreso Mundial sobre Futuros Colisionadores Lineales, en el que científicos de 35 países debatirán sobre la nueva generación de......"
(in Spanish)
From Europa Press 26 September 2011

Agenda Informativa de Europa Press Sociedad para el 26 de septiembre

"...Inauguración del Congreso Mundial sobre Futuros Colisionadores Lineales, en el Palacio de Congresos de Granada, con la presencia del director del CERN, Rolf Heuer. ..."
(in Spanish)
From Ideal Digital 25 September 2011

Expertos debatirán en Granada cómo será el futuro acelerador de partículas

"...Expertos de todo el mundo debatirán cómo será la próxima generación de aceleradores de partículas en el Congreso Mundial sobre Futuros Colisionadores Lineales, que se celebra en Granada desde mañana al 30 de septiembre...."
(in Spanish)
From El Pais 06 September 2011

"Buscamos entender por qué existimos, de alguna manera"

"..."...En este sentido ya existe un proyecto que será el Colisionador Lineal Internacional..."..."
(in Spanish)
From DESY inFORM September 2011

ILC Interim Report published

"...The International Linear Collider scientists have summarised their recent research results in a "Technical Progress Report”...."
From The Hindu 27 August 2011

Idea of particle colliders is here to stay

"...The energy frontier beyond the LHC scale, Dr. Heuer said, would have to be reached through a synergy of hadron-hadron colliders like a high-energy LHC (HE-LHC), lepton-hadron colliders such as an electron-proton collider, which he called LHeC, and lepton-lepton colliders such as the proposed International Linear Collider. ..."
From CERN Courier 26 August 2011

ILC Global Design Effort publishes milestone report

"...The ILC Global Design Effort has released a major milestone report, The International Linear Collider: A Technical Progress Report. ..."
From CERN Courier 26 August 2011

ILC Global Design Effort publishes milestone report

"...The ILC Global Design Effort has released a major milestone report, The International Linear Collider: A Technical Progress Report. ..."
From Tom's Guide 15 August 2011

The Next Particle Collider is Taking Shape

"...Fermilab isn't giving up and is taking smaller steps toward the ILC - and is building its technology on a much smaller scale in a test facility...."
From Conceivably Tech 15 August 2011

Witnessing The Birth Of A New Particle Collider

"...Fermilab is scheduled to shut down its legendary Tevatron particle smasher next month, but scientists are navigating difficult political and financial waters to build the International Linear Collider (ILC) as the potential successor of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN...."
From The Economist 20 May 2011

Dr Van Winkle and the Large Hadron Collider

"...Discussions are already under way about future upgrades and complementary devices, like a linear collider which would accelerate electrons and their antiparticles, positrons, in a straight line rather than a circle before smashing them head on...."
From KVAL News 23 March 2011

Hundreds flock to Physics Slam

"...Hundreds of people flocked to the University of Oregon this week to learn about physics...."
From KPNW radio (Eugene) 22 March 2011

Interview with Brian Foster (mp3, 6.7 MB)

Listen to an interview with Brian Foster that aired on 22 March on KPNW, during ALCPG11 in Eugene, Oregon, US, and learn about particle physics, extra dimensions, linear colliders and particle slams.
From The Register-Guard 20 March 2011

Physics Slam gives public inside look at science

"Slamming protons together isn't the only way physicists make sparks. At least, not anymore. This week Eugene will be host to the American debut of another kind of physics experiment, called the Physics Slam. Modeled somewhat loosely on poetry slams, it's a way for physicists to bring their mind-boggling investigations down to an everyday level..."
From KMTR News 16 20 March 2011

Physics Slam explains science in layman's terms

"...Descending on the University of Oregon this week are 200 leading physicists from around the world, collaborating on a project while trying to explain their work in layman's terms to the public...."
From Eugene Weekly 17 March 2011

Particle Party

"Because the audience members grade the scientists, this could also be therapeutic for Eugeneans still reeling from high school physics class. Hesla says, “They should kick back and for once let the scientists be at the audience’s mercy rather than the other way around."
From EuCARD January - March 2011

ILC dogleg prepares electron beam for success

"...The Beam Delivery System (BDS) describes the section of the ILC after the beam has been accelerated to its full energy but before it reaches the Interaction Point (IP), where collisions occur...."
From Hamburger Abendblatt 9 February 2011

Hamburg stärkt seine Spitzenforschung

"...Universität und Desy bündeln im neuen Projekt PIER ihre Kompetenzen in der Physik. Auch Entwicklung der Medizintechnik wird davon profitieren..."
(in German)
From APS News February 2011

Kovar Reflects on State of High Energy Physics, and the Road Ahead

"...globally other countries have interests, at some point down the road, in developing the next generation of accelerator facilities for particle physics. There’s going to be cooperation in trying to leverage the funds globally in order to spend the most wisely in terms of R&D that will position the countries interested in doing this in the future...."
From Público 12 January 2011

La carrera por el mayor de los aceleradores

"...Uno de los candidatos es el International Linear Collider (ILC), un acelerador que abandona la forma circular por una lineal que funciona a menos potencia que el LHC (un teraelectronvoltio) pero aprovecha mejor cada colisión...."
(in Spanish)

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